Prevent Disastrous Intentional Flooding of South Indian Lake Indigenous Lands!!!

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Manitoba Hydro, a crown corporation, flooded and destroyed the land at O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nation/South Indian Lake in 1974 when they diverted the Churchill River to generate Hydroelectric power.  This flooding was called the Churchill River Diversion Project (CRD), the CRD was contentious, and alternatives were ignored by the Government of Manitoba and Manitoba Hydro.

In doing so, they caused immeasurable environmental devastation to the lands, rivers, and lakes- destroying entire ecosystems and polluting aquatic and non-aquatic wildlife.  The socio-economic effects of this mass destruction in the name of progress have been immeasurable to the community's Indigenous people and are still being felt today. 

In 1973 Manitoba Hydro was granted an Interim Licence that allowed operation and fluctuations of 2 feet over a twelve-month period, much like fluctuations in nature. Manitoba Hydro has not followed the terms of the Interim Licence since 1979! Manitoba Hydro has deviated from the Interim Licence, called the Augmented Flow Program (AFP), which allows 6 additional inches of flooding, 1 foot of further dewatering, and 4.5 feet of lake fluctuation. This operation is devasting and unnecessary for current Manitoba needs!

The land, the animals, and the people barely survived the Churchill River Diversion's effects and the subsequent annual fluctuations to South Indian Lake, the fifth largest lake in Manitoba.  If the Minister of Conservation and Climate grants Manitoba Hydro a permanent license to destroy the land and waters, the people of O-Pipon-Na-Piwin/South Indian Lake, the land and waters are doomed!

Finally, Manitoba is required under the Constitution of Canada to conduct a section 35 consultation regarding the Churchill River Diversion Final Licence issuance regarding potential impacts on Aboriginal & Treaty Rights.

O-Pipon-Na-Piwin  (South Indian Lake) & TCN (Split Lake)  have not yet undergone any meaningful consultation. Moreover, the Minister cannot issue a Final Licence without the required meaningful consultation under Sec. 35 and more importantly, Accommodation of the impacts on Aboriginal & Treaty Rights as required by the Canadian Constitution of 1982.

In sum, please support us by signing this petition and asking Ms. Sarah Guillemard, Minister of Conservation and Climate, to say no to Manitoba Hydro's request for a final license to destroy the land, water, wildlife, and Indigenous peoples in Northern Manitoba!  SAY NO to a permanent Augmented Flow Program (AFP). Kinanaskomitinawaw (thank you, with extreme gratitude)  for your support! We must protect our environment and preserve it for future generations to come!