Ability to use cellphones in the hallway during lunch

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 At FMHS, our cellphone policy clearly states that we have the ability to use our cellphones before/after school and during lunch in the cafeteria. However, many kids do not enjoy being in the cafeteria for lunch and find it more quieting to sit upstairs in a hallway while using their phone. Why neglect that option for those who wish to be in the hallway for lunch? Some teachers even find the need to call out certain students for their cellphone being out in a hallway during lunch but not others. How is that in any way fair to every student? My proposed solution is simple: Allow students to use their cellphones in the hallway during lunch period and continue the monitoring of making sure It is only used before/after school AND lunch whether it is the cafeteria or hallway. It is only fair that way everyone can get what they want and their voices can be heard.

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