Don't just sit, standstill against cyber-bullying!

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Nowadays, internet had been a platform for those who see themselves superior to others. The usage of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook had paved the way to the out-breaking cases of cyber-bullying. People that are using social networking sites are vulnerable and most likely to be a victim of cyber-bullying especially teenagers. Cyber-bullying tends to weaken the morale of its victims or the ones that are being bullied by the people who committed the act. Cases of cyber-bullying had already resulted to suicidal cases due to the depression and mental effects of cyber-bullying to its victims. This campaign aims to lessen the cases of cyber-bullying by gathering as much signatures as possible. Petition would help a lot to make this campaign successful. Keep in mind, a community that is free from cyber-bullying is a community that is toxic-free.