The Eradication of Grade 12 Term Tests

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We, as grade 12 students, believe that our term tests should be eradicated.

There are multiple reasons for this movement:
- Teachers are unable to properly monitor the students' activities while taking tests. External sources and assistance can be easily accessed, making the test results unreliable. 
- By setting time limits per question, the school is not accommodating the different capabilities and styles of how students answer questions. Certain students prefer to skip questions they struggle with and return to them at the end. Some students require more time on certain questions than others. This means the test is not a reflection of the students' academic competence.
- Students will have difficulties answering certain types of questions, such as those requiring calculation. The teachers, themselves, are struggling to modify the IB question styles so that we can answer them online. Changing our exam papers and questions mean that we are not even conducting exams based on IB standards, which is the reason we enrolled in this school.
- Grade 12 students were never meant to have term 4 report cards as our grades are determined by our IB exams; in our case, our coursework. The term 4 report card itself is fundamentally irrelevant, redundant, and unnecessary, which is why grade 12s never had it in the first place. Using the term 4 report card as a reason to conduct exams are therefore invalid.

For all the reasons stated above, we, the Grade 12 Student Body, believe that conducting online exams is ultimately a futile and impractical decision. Neither we nor our teachers can receive any benefit from the implementation of online exams. Online learning with our teachers have also had their own limitations and we have not been able to receive the same quality of education as we usually have had. Thus, to conduct this exam seems fruitless, ineffective, unnecessary as it is not a true reflection of our academic capabilities.

We are amidst a stressful time in which our future plans are uncertain and many of us are busy attempting to handle the changes that come with it. We, as students, would like our voices to be heard and our opinions to be considered. With all due respect, we have things of greater significance to manage.

We sincerely hope that you take our opinions and perspective into consideration and rethink the decision that has been made to conduct online exams.

The Grade 12 Student Body.