Don't Abandon the only working treatment group for "Social Anxiety" in Ireland.

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Social Anxiety is something that affect up to 13.5% of the Irish Population at any point in time, this is a significant number. If 13.5% of the population were to suffer from a broken leg in one day.. we would all be wondering what's going on and it would make front page on national papers. 

However as it's a mental health issue people see it as a third party injury and it's hushed, don't talk about mental health sweep that under the rug attitude. These people just get left in the cold or medicated by the state and institutes that were setup to serve them. 

The only successful support for people with Social Anxiety is getting the rug pulled from under its feet due to it supposedly not fitting or having a role within the New Vision of the Hospital. I thought the idea of a Hospital was where to go to get care and help if you're not well, not where you get turned away because you don’t fit with their vision of healthcare, people aren’t designer shoes!

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This is why this petition is so important not only to the people with SA but also to all the other hundreds of millions with Mental Health issues in this country and across the globe. When will mental health be taken as serious as a broken leg? 

This Group is the only working model for people in Ireland and has been running successfully for over 14 years now by the grace and selflessness of one particular person and their small team of unpaid staff.

Having gone through this group myself I can say that this group work changed my life for the better in so many ways. I’m in debt to their expertise and patience and I'm sure that the 400+ people who have come though the group process along with their countless friends and families can also stand behind the worth and weight of keeping this group going for the benefit of everyone. 

I was also witness to the variety and the lenghts that people attending the group would go to just to get to the few hours of group work. People in my group travelled from as far as Co.Cork, Co.Limerick and Co.Wexford each Thursday evening just to avail of this treatment only to head back home a few hours afterwards. That alone shows the determination of the people and the want for more support and awareness nationwide.

This is the only treatment of it's kind nationwide and it works.

Can the Mater Hospital along with the CEO Mary Day not see what they are doing is so wrong? Can we help them see some light in all this?

There are also about 200 registered SA sufferers who are on a waiting list for the next groups over the course of the next two years. This is just how significant this is and just what a tragedy it would be to take away the only source of relief these waiting people have from SA in this country.

Please don’t abandon the one and only support available for 13.5% of the Irish Population. You, the decision makers are just a few people who have the happiness and wellbeing of so many in your hands.

We all know someone who has had or will experience mental health issues in this crazy life, so if not for this group, show your support for that unknown someone who needs the help. 

Maybe someday it may be you.. but hopefully not.

Please show your support
Warmest Regards

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