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To Ban Circuses all over India and animal carriages

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Maam,as in your Website,you've stated about "Animal Welfare & Animal Rights.I would like to go with "Animal Rights"..Animals have value in them selves, as co-shares of Planet,they deserve equal considerations,freedom from pain/agony and they Too have the right to Live. I'm               sincerely requesting you about the happening in our our own Country and it's HEART BREAKING to see these helpless animals go thru such torture behind close doors of Circuses n animals' carriages.This is in desperation to get your support in my petition about Cruelty happening and through out the World. Below I've sent many many links about our defenseless Animals,especially Gruesome torturing on Elephants,the animals have done nothing us but humans for Fame & Blood money have have turned out to moneyhungry monts. I'm sending a few links for you to see how how humans treat these defendless animals an sincerely requesting you to take some action. Even other animals are not safe because these humans do anything for money and popularity. Cruelty to horses carriages

After a group of American tourists visiting Amber Fort near Jaipur witnessed and documented a group of menphysically attacking an elephant who tried to escape the misery of carrying tourists uphill in extreme heat, one woman filed a cruelty complaint with PETA. The tourists watched in horror as eight men, including the mahout, beat the suffering elephant with sticks for up to 10 minutes after recapturing the animal.

maam,please grant me this petition and so I can share it with others and help me to give their vote to win this case by stopping Animals' Torture.
Baby elephant

thank you,

Anita Gowda


Excessive violence against elephants is disturbingly common in Jaipur. An extensive inspection of captive elephants used for rides and other tourist activities– authorised by the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) andconducted by experienced veterinarians and animal-welfare experts from PETA, Animal Rahat, Wildlife SOS, and the Centre for Studies on Elephants at the College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences in Kerala – revealed rampant abuse and invalid ownership certificates in apparent violation of animal-protection laws. Most of the inspected elephants were categorised as "emaciated", and all suffered from physical ailments.






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