Justice for humiliated Lady Forest Officer

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The Midday newspsper, Mumbai, Monday, September 17 reported today about the shocking incident in which a lady IFS officer, Ms. K.M.Abharna, the Dy. Conservator of Forests, Pandharkawada Division, Yavatmal, Maharashtra, was asked to 'compromise' with a private shikari, who has strong connections to powerful politicians and forest chiefs.
Page 1: https://epaper2.mid-day.com/epaper/17-sep-2018-252-edition-Mumbai-Page-1.html and on
Page 10: https://epaper2.mid-day.com/epaper/17-sep-2018-252-edition-Mumbai-Page-10.html
The article reports that she met the shikari in a private hotel room on Saturday, September 15, at night between 10pm and 11 pm, and that she left the hotel in an agitated state.
This is a really shameful incident, as she reportedly was forced by Maharashtra PCCF & Chief Wildlife Warden A.K.Misra to 'compromise' with the hunter over the handling of the capture/shooting of tigress T1.
It is not difficult to guess as to what 'compromise' can be achieved in a hotel room at night when a lady is involved, and this is an utter disgrace for the Maharashtra Forest Department. The officer could have easily arranged a meeting in her office the next morning if any issues needed to be sorted out.
Forcing a lady subordinate to engage in such acts makes out a clear case of harassment and victimization, and the PCCF needs to be suspending immediately pending an investigation, as to why he insisted on a forest officer to apologize/compromise with an outsider over a departmental operation.

If a lady officer of the civil services cannot be protected by the government, what chance do ordinary women of this country have to maintain their dignity and safety? 
After gaining much notoriety over hunting animals, this shikari, Nawab Shafat Ali Khan seems to have now started hunting women.

Please take immediate action to protect the dignity of this lady officer, and to punish the real predators in this crime, the PCCF, the hunter, and their political patrons.