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Ms. Mamata Banerjee
Hon'ble Chief Minister West Bengal

Hon’ble Madam,
You are well aware of the fact that an on-duty post-graduate trainee doctor from Andhra Pradesh Dr. Sriniwas Geddam was assulted in CMRI Hopsital by Mr. Pulak Dutta, Officer in charge, Jadavpur Police Station on 29th of August, 2018. Mr. Dutta was admitted with alleged history of glass injury to his left forearm.While on-duty Dr. Geddam was taking his medication history, it irked Mr. Pulak Dutta and he thrashed Dr Shriniwas,the young trainee Doctor. As a result, his neck was badly bruised and he was severely traumatised due to assault by Mr. Pulak Dutta.

We thought that this guilty person will be booked for his crime and proper administrative justice will be ensued. But, to our utter surprise, Kolkata Police has tried blatant rationalisation to the tune of shielding the offence and crime of the culprit Pulak Dutta in their official facebook page .The FB page tried to gather public sympathy in favour of this offender. To our utter disgust, this young Doctor was coerced to go to a police office, where higher officials tried to verbally subjugate him to come to a forced mutual understanding failing which he had to face bad consequences.

Madam, we humbly want to state that assaulting an on-duty doctor is a criminal offence according to Medicare act 2009. The law shall take its due course and that offending person should undergo usual administrative and judicial trial, irrespective of his post, position or power.

We want Medicare 2009 Act to be deployed in this particular case, as well all other incidents of violence against health care workers in the past one and half years. If this incidence of violence against a trainee-doctor that too from a different state goes untrialed, we fear this will create a bad precedence resulting in law and order problems; besides it will give our state a bad name, which is otherwise shining in glory under your good governance.

We, therefore earnestly request you to look into the matter and take appropriate measures.

On behalf of all aggrieved doctors,


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