Bring back Minecraft EDU on IPads

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     as of November 19 an event occurred of great importance. Minecraft EDU was available on self service. This was a great victory for the KFDE (Kids For Digital Education). Finally we had access to a creative outlet that could do what ever we wanted. The possibilities were huge and allowed us to explore a world and turn our ideas into a reality, whether it was a simple red stone door or a complex sorting system capable of sorting 2000 items a minute. The coding capabilities alone were amazing. We could make an entire game inside of a game. To be honest some of my best experiences in coding were with Minecraft EDU. The simplicity of it all made it a base for everyone no matter what age. It was truly amazing.

     Then on November 21, two days after the door to endless possibilities opened, it was shut in our face with no warning. Minecraft EDU was deleted from all i pads without even a single reason. No one knows why they decided to remove it. This is after the constant deletion of other apps that have done nothing wrong such as a 3D modeling app that I did my science project on. These losses have caused an effect in the KDFE and they are working on a possible negotiation but they can only do so much against the control of the district. So I and the KFDE need you to help us, not let this horrendous act go unnoticed. If you have time, we highly implore you  to defend Minecraft EDU and our right to have decent apps on our IPads. Thank you for your time and if you know anyone who would sign this please send this to them. Help spread our message and get Minecraft EDU back.