Save Dedicated Teacher's Job From Budget Cuts!

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Attention concerned parents, friends, and faculty of ESM (Mary Hooker School of Environmental Sciences)! We need to come together to save the job of one of the most dedicated and influential teachers we know, Megan Buonfiglio, or better known to some of us as Ms. B. It has come to my attention that her position as a CDA in the pre-school classrooms has been cut at the end of this school year, due to the budget. There has to be a way to make room elsewhere to keep her. Ms. B is not only extremely qualified on paper for the position, as she has her Bachelors in Interdiciplinary Science and has worked at ESM for 5 years and before that a local daycare, but it's her absolute commitment to our community and more importantly our children. She goes above and beyond and is one of the pillars at ESM. She is on the PTA and PBIS Team (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) working on beneficial and healthy relationships between students and staff. She attends meetings before and after school. Ms. B volunteers at our school store and has had family volunteer to give our kids experiences they might not otherwise have had. She has been willing, able, and capable to take over as head teacher in times of need to bring consistency and stability to the classroom. Her son also attends here because she feels as highly about ESM as we do.  Ms. B is influential because at the pre-school level she has a critical role in many of our children's first school experiences. When they leave her classroom, they have transformed from babies to kids, as emerging readers and writers, knowing numbers, colors, social skills, and so much more! They are more responsible, confident, and excited to continue school as kindergarteners because of her and we cannot let the foundation at ESM weaken with her absense. Please sign this petition as Ms. B is one of the ones worth saving for her and for our children!