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Emergency relief and assistance for Palestinian Refugees!

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Palestinians that have seeked refuge due to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict in neighbouring countries have been suffering for 66+ years.

Palestinian refugees fall under the mandate of UNRWA (United Nations Relief and works agency) and not that of UNHCR - the main organisation that helps refugees from other nations and is recognised to refer refugees for resettlement and most importantly aid and emergency relief. Therefore the Palestinian refugees not only have been suffering for many years outside of their homeland, they are also refused the basic care, aid and services offered to many other refugees under the mandate of UNHCR because simply put UNRWA does not have the capacity to provide such assistance.

For example in Lebanon, they live inside small camps that barely have the basic necessities and many of them are combined together in small like caravans. Whenever they seek help from the UNHCR offices they are treated as if they are nothing and are told to go to UNRWA. UNRWA does not have the means nor the international support to help the large amount of Palestinians in desperate need.

In Syria, the current situation is dire. The Palestinians that have not been fortunate enough to flee the country due to the civil war have suffered the most extreme crimes against humanity. The Palestinian refugee camps such as Yarmouk Camp in Damascus has been and is under attack and people are refused water and food within the camps due to blockades. There has been no real outcry from UNRWA or UNHCR about this barbaric treatment. The Palestinians within these camps are dying from starvation and freezing conditions.

In Jordan, Palestinian refugees seeking refuge from the Syrian civil war in UNHCR camps are being refused entry and told to go back to Syria. Jordan allows Syrian refugees to occupy the UNHCR camps as they are recognised under UNHCR mandate however Palestinian refugees are not afforded this same "luxury".

In Egypt, Palestinian refugees are refused housing, education and other basics due to not being recognised by UNHCR. According to UNHCR policy if there is no UNRWA office within the country where they have seeked refuge they can seek help from UNHCR which unfortunately does not happen.

In UAE, Palestinian refugees have been refused visas within the country and any that remain on temporary visas are or have been threatened with their visas being cancelled. There is no UNRWA office within UAE and again they are refused help by UNHCR.

As demonstrated above, it seems that Palestinians are refused the same treatment as many other refugees that seek the same help. They have not only had to escape their country of origin but are treated appallingly in the countries they have escaped to. This is not their fault and not their choice! Why are Palestinians the only race to be under another "United Nations" organisation? If they must be under the mandate of UNRWA shouldn’t they then receive the same recognition as those under UNHCR or the very least provided the chances given to those under such an organisation? Why is the international community not aware of what is happening to Palestinians? Or if they are aware why then are they ignored?

Over and over again we see the world turn its back on the plight of the Palestinians. The UN should support all refugees regardless of their country of origin and provide the same level of care and protection. It seems that at the moment people only qualify for help if it is politically convenient. This is hypocrisy and discrimination! Please end this appalling situation and allow these people the protection of the UNHCR.


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