Phase Year 13 Mufti out with New Uniform at AGHS

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Restriction of the 2019 year 13 class from being allowed to wear mufti.

We are against this because                                                                                     
- It will make the year 13s less identifiable to the junior year groups, destroying an important connection between our leavers and newcomers, as the individual styles of the year 13s makes them approachable and memorable.                               
- It feels like a betrayal to us who have spent 4 years expecting to be able to wear mufti in our last year as a reward for dedication to academia and Avonside itself. The mufti is a badge of honour to us.
- Most uniforms are falling apart by year 12. To buy a whole new uniform is an exorbitant amount, and to pay several hundred dollars for three terms would anger a lot of parents, as they are often the ones who end up paying for it. 
- We were consulted on what the new uniform should look like, despite it not affecting us, but we had absolutely no say in whether or not we would have the opportunity to wear mufti. There was nothing in the survey last year that requested feedback on the idea of keeping or getting rid of mufti.
- The situation with being able to alternate between the old and new uniform is already messy, so it's virtually pointless trying to stop us from wearing mufti.
- The school has repeatedly said "we are not trying to be like Shirley Boys'; we are two separate schools and will stay that way", but one of the reasons for us not having mufti next year is because year 13s at Shirley don't wear mufti. To keep alive the tradition of OUR school allowing year 13s to wear mufti should not be affected by what a completely different school is doing.
- We were under the impression that no mufti for year 13s would be phased out with the old uniform, as were most of the staff. To change it so suddenly, during a year where there will already be a disruption, seems incredibly unfair. Why not keep at least one thing the same?