LaSalle College Presentation Evening Changes

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Withdrawal of Dela J “Mad Hatters Factory” and Dela  Dance “Bermuda Triangle from the Presentation Evening. Hard work and lots of rehearsing has gone into these dances. They are being replaced with a new dance which needs to be learnt and perfected! At the same time there are semester two exams and wace exams occurring creating a lot more stress for the students. Why can’t the original dances be kept and perfected.  Lithurgical dance is also being replaced by a new dance which is to be learnt and perfected. The current Lithurgical dance won an outstanding award recently and most parents have not been able to see it performed. The new Lithurgical dance is being performed in the walkways on stairs with very poor lighting.

The band has also been cut from the foyer before the presentation evening starts. This is a good way for family and peers to marvel at the hard work. The show band has also been cut.

A lot of students and parents are upset about these changes and have no other chance to watch their children perform and have never seen the dancers that have taken so much time and effort to prepare for. Please