The abolishment of unfair piece rate pay for vineyard workers through contract agencies.

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For too long now the workers on Southwest vineyards (mainly those working for labour contracting companies such as Down to Earth, Labour Solutions,  Vinepower and other local unethical agricultural businesses)  have been exploited with low piece rate work where their transport and accommodation is often barely covered by their pay. They are often forced to endure this hardship just to earn their time for a second year visa extension. They are often promised better pay and more hours to keep them nearby for work which exhausts their own funds. Backpackers and local/travelling Australians have had to endure this for years now and the crunch time is coming. This is not a petition born out of bitterness from "a bad season", it happens every year. This is common knowledge on travelling forums etc. This extends to other agricultural harvesting but the real problem lies within these false advertising contract hire companies. Please show your support for hard working people who deserve a fair wage without whom these industries cannot survive.