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Stop plastic straws from destroying South Africa

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2016 was deemed the year of post-truth - where personal beliefs carry more weight than objective facts. The absurdity of discarding facts for fallacies or false beliefs will continue to negatively impact the environment, among other things. We cannot begin 2017 with the same hopeless thinking. Let's actively dedicate 2017 to the truth that climate change is real and that it affects us all.  Where to start? My proposition is simple: plastic straws.  

While visiting my family in rural Kwa-Zulu Natal, I was disheartened to find plastic straws littered along an old path near the edge of town. I remember the path from early childhood as being pristine and beautiful. That has all changed (and apparently our oceans are worse). Let us face the fact that, for the most part, the plastic straw is a useless tool and an environmental disaster. If you don't believe me, please watch this video. The USA consumes enough straws to wrap around the Earth's circumference 2.5 times a day ( If we really need straws why are we choosing to use plastic straws when paper straws exist? It makes no sense. 

We cannot afford to devalue the truth more than we already have. Our environment is in a deeply altered state because of human activity. We can start with simply banning plastic straws from South Africa in dedication to truth and prosperity. 


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