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Please use your executive power and commute the life sentence that Karl Fort has been serving for the last 20 years.


I am a citizen and taxpayer and I am sending this letter in support of Karl Fort. I humbly request that you review the life sentence he has been serving for the last 20 years. This individual was in his mid-20's at the time of his arrest and conviction for a non-violent drug offense as a first time offender. Karl has grown up in prison and he is much older, wiser, and mature. I believe that he now deserves a second chance at life as a productive law abiding citizen. Based on the sentencing guidelines being mandatory and the drug involved was crack cocaine,the judge in Karl's case did not have a choice but to sentence him to natural life in prison. The Supreme Court has since made the sentencing guidelines advisory and in August 2010, the 100-to-1 ratio for crack cocaine was reduced to 18-to-1 but because Karl's  conviction was final prior to both of these changes in law, he was unable to get any relief. What is important to note is that had Karl been sentenced today with the same drug amount the punishment would not have been a mandatory life sentence. The average defendant who commits a violent offense ( murder, rape, robbery, child molestation ) will not spend 20 years straight in prison, yet for Karl's non-violent offense he's already spent 20 years straight in prison and if he is not granted any relief he will have to spend the remainder of his life in prison. I am not trying to make an excuse for the crime he has committed and was convicted of, my point is that the punishment of  alife sentence does not fit the crime and Karl does not deserve to spend the rest of his life in prison for some horrible decisions he made back when he was a young adult. I am askinging that you do a sincere review of Karl's case and sentence, and grant him the relief that he is truly earned. Karl is not the same person he was back when his crime was committed and he can better serve the community as a productive law abiding citizen who will also be working with youths out in the world to discourage them from making the same mistakes that he made. Please use your executive power and commute the life sentence that Karl Fort has been serving for the last 20 years. Thank you.

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