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Repeal the Fieldston Dress Code or Clarify It

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The Fieldston Dress code states: "Clothing that is "too short" is not permitted."  First of all, "too short" is not a clear definition of what we are not allowed to wear.  How are we supposed to know what is "too short"?

Second, the dress code is mainly directed towards girls. In just one day over 5 people were dress coded and they were all girls.  The Fieldston dress code states: "Clothing that exposes underwear is not permitted." Many boys wear pants that expose their underwear, but I have still never seen a boy get dress coded.

Third, the Fieldston mission says to not abide by society's expectations, but to challenge society's expectations.  Fieldston promotes freedom of speech in many areas, but still dress codes girls on a daily basis, who are just trying to express themselves. Clothing is a form of self expression and Middle School is a time where girls are figuring out who they are and how to express themselves. Therefore, girls should be able to express themselves through their clothes

Lastly, girls should not be blamed for the clothes being a "distraction".  It promotes the objectification and sexualization of women, by saying that they can't wear things that are too "exposing", because they will get cat called or be a distraction.  Also, girls with largest breasts are more likely to get dress coded, because clothes might be seen as more "scandalous" when girls with larger breasts or butts wear these clothes.  Is it fair to dress code one body type more often then another?  When girls are dress coded they get an ONS, which means they are put in the Online Notification System.  They are also expected to change their clothes. Is it really fair to punish girls for people looking at their bodies as a distraction? 


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