Australia Post must never cover up IDENTITY THEFTS

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Australia Post is used by millions of Australians every day. They rely on honesty, integrity and values of everyone that works with or works for Australia Post in any shape or form.

If Australia Post identifies any corruption, crimes, dishonesty, immoral and unethical activities where the people affected are identified by Australia Post then those affected people must receive instant support and help from those who are responsible to give it to the people identified as victims or potential victims.

In my case it was identified and also conveyed to me and my family members that someone has used Indonesian Passport on my name as a Photo ID to redirect my entire family's mail to a PO Box in Haymarket in Sydney city by Australia Post's official that worked at Alexandria Delivery Facility-ADF at the time in June 2006. This was further verified by another female official of ADF. I was informed that there was a cheque involved that was planned to end up in the PO Box that was fraudulently opened on my name in Haymarket PostShop. This was the free six months redirection service that Australia Post had in place when people change homes.

This matter was identified as a fraud on 15 June 2006 during the many telephone calls that were exchanged between these two officials and my son. This matter was then handed over to Australia Post Corporate Security Group official for investigations. After this happened I received a call from the investigator who told me that helping me was his job. This was on 16 June 2006. He never called me after that and did not respond to my letters at all.

I have been fighting to get the truth out of this identity theft and have never stopped to get justice for my family and myself as there was a passport of another country involved that was used here in Sydney, Australia. This was a premeditated crime with the full intention of harming us. At the same time my wife had serious concerns about her unfair treatment by her employer and the lawyer was appointed by her and also the employer to resolve the matter. At one point my wife requested a conduct committee be appointed to hear her case against the senior officials of the Council where she worked. Within one week of that request my identity was stolen and all the letters coming to our home were redirected to this PO Box in Haymarket. All the letters to my wife from her lawyer, Council and all the mail coming to our home would have ended up in this PO Box where the criminals would have accessed that mail and the cheque. The Cheque involved was in the envelope addressed to me but that envelope had a wrong house number 38 when our house number is 18. The houses in the street we live end at No. 21. The postman took the envelope back to ADF as there was no such house number. My name on the envelope and other address was correct. This is why the fraud was identified and the red flags put on this redirection of our mail.

Australia Post is hiding many documents that were involved in these activities from my family including the cheque, the envelope, the redirection application from, the PO Box application form, the PO Box key handover documents and the identities of people if they were caught in the act while opening the PO Box.

As this matter needs a resolution what I am asking for is the photocopies of all the REAL documents involved in the fraud/crimes so that this matter could move forward. Australia Post has provided to me JP certified falsified documents that have been proven as falsified. The JP who certified the documents without disclosing his conflict of interest was the boss of the investigator working as the State Manager of Australia Post Corporate Security Group NSW/ACT. Numerous Australia Post officials are involved in hiding the truth and we need a corruption free Australia Post.

The other State Manger of Australia Post Corporate Security Group in their Melbourne Headquarters passed away on 11 September 2010. I was provided with his name as the contact person by the Corporate Secretary of Australia Post at that time. Recently it has come to my attention that the cause of death of this Melbourne based CSG Manager is suicide. He worked for over 20 years in Victorian Police Force before joining Australia Post. 

700 to 800 000 people in our country suffer from some form of identity theft every year is a rough estimate. This epidemic can be halted if this matter is made public. This could also allow those who are suffering in silence to come forward in large numbers to make a real change to halt the identity theft epidemic in its own tracks.

I have used every democratic process available to get the documents involved but I hit the brick walls all the time. Systemic corruption to cover up my identity theft has been identified.

During the entire period under the leadership of the two former MD's of Australia Post this matter has remained unresolved. As many of you may be aware Ms Christine Holgate is the new MD and Group CEO of Australia Post and she has the authority to release the REAL documents involved in these activities to the victims-my family.

The release of documents has a potential to expose the deep rooted corruption and that is what our country needs today.

Our normal way of life has been affected and the pain and suffering and psychological torture that has been inflicted on us is not acceptable in our democracy.

Ms Christine Holgate should never allow this matter to continue any more and her responsibility is to change the culture in Australia Post immediately.

I request people in very large numbers to support me and my family as this is an unprecedented matter in the history of Australia Post and possibly in the history of our country. This should have never happened in the first place. It should never happen again.

If I win in getting the documents it will be the win for the whole country and my family will have a hope to get some justice. If the documents remain hidden for ever the criminals will win and the real corruption may never get exposed and I will need to keep trying harder and harder to get justice.

The whole country must put an effort to see that Australia Post remains corruption free all the time because we all own it and it is operated for all of us.