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Give us our study leave

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I attend Barton Court Grammar School and am in my final year (for GCSE level) where i will be sitting my GCSE's in May, for the last 3 years, majority of my year has been led to believe we will be receiving study leave for the duration of our GCSE's even up until now, science teachers have been signing off revision packs ensured to allow us our study leave. Study leave gives us time to rest between and after exams during a stressful and tiring time.

However it has recently become clear we wont be receiving study leave as teachers have planned lessons up until our last exams, and refuse to tell us anything, instead claiming a letter will be sent to our parents in a few weeks. But in a few weeks i have my GCSE's, and its not fair that we don't get the time to fight our corner for study leave majority of us deserve and want. 

Many of us have worked hard to produce mounds of notes to prove our worth for study leave, and have already shown we can get the grades with our mock results. The reason study leave is so important to a lot of us is because many of us work well in the comfort of our own homes and learn a lot faster, having to go to class before and after a GCSE exam, is going to leave students exhausted with balancing school and their own revision timetable, and with very little time to revise and rest when they get home.

Having a free day between exams and going home after the last exam everyday, gives us a lot more time to concentrate on what we know we have to work on, if we had to go to school everyday, we waste valuable time following normal lessons, (do you really want to be revising for an English exam, the day before a chemistry exam because you have to follow a timetable?) and recapping in ways teachers design, without the resources we have in our own home, such as websites inaccessible on the computers (old archives of BBC bitesize) (maths genie videos), without quiet isolated working spaces and with the distraction of our classmates.

 I encourage you to read this article-  and understand that the students in this school are better suited for the "for study leave" argument of the article, because we are the hard working motivated students that can do better than OK if granted our study leave, we have made it into a grammar school and  are consistently told we are the top 25%, so why have our school suddenly loss courage in our ability to revise over what we have been taught, and deliver in our exams, when majority successfully did it over the Christmas holidays before our mocks. 

I am asking you to sign this petition not only because its unfair and misleading as to why we don't get study leave, but also because majority of us deserve it and will work well when given it. I'm fully aware that some of us work better in school and benefit from staying in school, instead of taking the study leave. But I am asking for the school to grant those of us who have proven themselves worthy to be given the choice to get this study leave.

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