Split up Unit Problem-sets in Advanced Chemistry

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Students who are currently taking Advanced Chemistry are subjected to completing a unit problem set that consists of an obscene amount of problems. Unit one's problem set consisted of 53 required questions that took students at least 2 hours with other students taking closer to 6 hours to complete them. Students turn in the questions on paper and show their work for each problem, this should use 3 sheets of paper, more if something like graphs are required. Students are stressed to complete this large part of their grade as a huge assignment that is all together. More students would be able to complete this problem set if it was split into separate homework assignments that were based on what was learned in class that week or day. 

I propose that each unit problem set be assigned split up between each week of a unit so that students could keep up with the large amount of work while they learn each part of the unit. Unit one's 53 questions could be split between the 5 week long unit into 5, 10 question sets that are much more manageable for students to complete on time. Theses smaller problem sets could still be due the day of the test, or they could be due the day of each section's quizzes that test the student's knowledge on the current unit. Overall it would be very beneficial for teachers to split up the unit problems into more manageable chunks for students. This petition would help students maintain a full understanding of chemistry.