Put up Ads against Trafficking at KSRTC Terminals, Railway stations, Airports in Karnataka

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‘I want to see my parents’, cried a 10-year-old Anand (name changed), who was rescued from a bag factory at Mysore. Anand was forced into back-breaking work in hellhole-like bag factory and even abused sexually when lights were dim.

“They raped me to break me”, recalls Renuka (name changed), who was sold by her uncle to a brothel in Mumbai when she was 12 years old. Renuka was forced to wear clothes that would make her look older. She would be given pills (cow steroids) that would make her body parts develop faster. Renuka dreaded every evening as she was forced to see men against her will. She began consuming  alcohol to numb herself. When Renuka was rescued, she underwent a medical examination which revealed that she had contracted HIV/AIDS for no fault of hers.

I was shocked as I listened to these accounts from these two children - victims of human trafficking. There are lakhs like them who are tricked, exploited and misled into trafficking every day. Every story is heart-wrenching. 

According to the National Crime Records Bureau Report 2016, my state Karnataka ranks 5th nationally as a destination, transit and a source for trafficking-related activities. Bangalore Mirror (May, 2018) reported that according to the state anti-trafficking unit about 1,012 people were trafficked from the state. While the systems and policies are in place, educating the community at risk is significant in fighting this crime as Ignorance is the enemy. 

Being a concerned citizen, I want to fight trafficking by making communities aware. They need to be alert about 

  • how women and children are trafficked
  • how to report a case of trafficking.
  • what emergency services are available to support and rehabilitate victims of trafficking.

Join me in asking the State Women and Child Department of the Government of Karnataka to make public service announcements through mass media at all railway stations, bus terminals and airports across 30 districts in Karnataka.

As lakhs of people use these transportation services, as do traffickers, putting ads at these locations will prove crucial in the fight against human trafficking.

A simple ad can bust a trafficking racket and save a life. Sign my petition today.

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