World Cup Final Screening in RVHS

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This is a petition to Mrs Teo Khin Hiang, Principal of River Valley High School and Student Council President Kenneth Kwan, to allow the screening of the Russia World Cup 2018 Final to happen in school on 15 July 2018, Sunday.

The match is due to kick off at 11pm SGT. I humbly request for our principal and the student council to work together and allow this screening to happen in the hall in order to unite the school in this quadrennial event. This year’s world cup final timing is unlike the one four years ago which was at 3am. The final is streamed on okto for free so subscribing to the tournament will not be a problem.

I strongly believe that this is a priceless opportunity to allow students of different levels to bond among themselves and also bond with the teachers. This screening will definitely attract many students to come together to watch so attendance shouldn’t be an issue.

However, as the match is due to end at around 1am, that may pose as a problem for students that take public transport, which means they may have to take alternative transportation home.

If this screening is successful, I believe that it’ll unite our school and strengthen the school spirit.