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Initiate The Vivekanand Education Megaproject ... To Build 30,000 New Secondary Schools Across India

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Huge Shortage of Secondary Schools in India :

India has a massive shortage of over 4,00,000 ( 4 lakh ) Secondary Schools. As a result of this, over the past 10 years, over 150 million children have dropped out of schools across the country, as there are just not enough Secondary Schools to go to after class V.

In Bihar for instance out of 8463 gram panchayats, 5500 of them do not have a secondary school and mothers in Bihar have to send their children out of the state after class IV, if they want them to study further. The situation is not much better in many other states where there is a huge shortage of Secondary schools. 

Problem of  Poor Teacher  Quality

In addition to a massive shortage of Secondary Schools, India according to a 2007 NUEPA report, has an acute Teacher Quality problem. For instance, Just 46 % of India’s  4.7  Million Teachers have studied beyond Class XII  and 25 % have not studied beyond Class X. The problem is more serious in Bihar where just   21 % of Teachers have  studied beyond Class X.

Poor Teacher quality over the years has resulted in huge social problems and lawlessness. All the Six rapists in the 2012 Delhi Rape case for instance came from Schools in Bihar, indicating that perhaps poor teacher quality has been one of the causes responsible for the Rise in Rape Cases and violence against women in India.

Poor teacher quality is India's single biggest security threat as we have a situation where the worst qualified are holding the most important jobs in the country ... the job of teaching our children. 

The Ministry of  Human Resource Development is the Epicentre of our School System and it is therefore critical for the Ministry of HRD to initiate projects that will build capacity at the Secondary School level.

 As Education is a State Subject under the Indian Constitution, The Vivekanand Project has been conceived as Centrally Sponsored Secondary School Construction Project.

The schools will be built by a central authority ( to save time and money during project execution )  before handing the schools over to 29 State Governments and local administrations of 7 Union Territories ... for operations.

Maximizing Project Impact with ICT Tools :

To maximise project impact and public benefits, the 30,000 New Secondary Schools will each share its teachers with 14 other existing Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan ( SSA ) schools in their region. In this manner an additional 4,20,000 Existing schools will be able to develop capacity at the Secondary level. Massive use of modern Information and communication technologies ( ICT ) will enable the project to serve an additional 126 Million Children across the country and specifically below the Taluka level and below where 80 % of this additional capacity is to be created by the Vivekanand Project. 

Innovative Financing

The Vivekanand Education Megaproject is  based on Innovative Financing independent of National & State Budgets. The Megaproject designers have prepared an Innovative financing plan to raise US $ 141 Billion or Rs 8.75 Lakh Crores from 14 independent financing sources. A similar, innovative financing mechanism has been devised for the operations phase, with only a small amount required each year to balance the Megaprojects Operating budget.

All Project Financing Documents including Project Overview & Cover Letter can be downloaded from the following links :


All that the Central Government ( Ministry of HRD )  has to do is to provide the administrative mechanism to make the project happen as the Projects Financing plan does not need budgetary support.

Request for Citizens Support 

The Vivekanand Education Project is based on Swami Vivekananda's Secular philosophy. 

“ Let the watchword be acceptance and not exclusion. I accept all religions that were in the past and worship them all. I worship God with every one of them, in whatever form they worship him."

Swami Vivekananda also said " A nation is advanced in proportion as education and intelligence spread among the masses The chief cause of India’s ruin has been the monopolising of the whole education and intelligence of the land among a handful of men. The only service to be done for our lower classes is to give them education to develop their individuality. So long as millions live in hunger and ignorance, I hold every man a traitor who, having been educated at their expense, pays not the least heed to them."

We request one and all to support the Vivekananda Education Megaproject. If Millions of citizens support the Megaproject , the Government will do it. 

Please help the cause with your support. Sign the petition and we will take it to the HRD Minister and the Union Cabinet. 


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