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Our school Saint Winifred’s Primary School in Heaton Mersey Stockport is proposing to alter the  school day from September 2018 as follows:

  • Shorten lunch break from 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Remove the afternoon break for KS1.
  • Finish school day KS1 3.00pm and KS2 3.05pm.

This proposals would have significant impact on both children and parents at the school. For the children in particular would see reduction in important social time and interaction with their friends and peers. Then there is the prospect of the year 6 children having to bolt down their lunches to finish in time for afternoon session. A single school hall and 200+ children being turned around in 1 hour is a frightening prospect. Not having an afternoon break may seem like a small price to pay but a KS1 child this will make a difference to the overall balance of their day.

As a parent of children at the school there is no hiding the fact that changing the school day even by half an hour will have a considerable impact for many of us. For those parents like us who are lucky enough to be able to pick up our child the prospect of changing a working day contract is somewhere between remote and none. Then there is the prospect of putting child(ren) into after school club to cover but this then raise further issues in that:

Going to an already full to capacity after school club trying to find a space.
Child’s social well being they want to be picked up by their parent.
Financial aspect of yet further increased costs following on from a recent 9% increase.
So far the school has only offered some weak and very feeble excuses for why the change is necessary such as the adverse weather conditions or reducing the risk of the children having disagreements. Clearly this is a cost cutting exercise which has been brought about by budget cuts from government. I fully understand and appreciate that budgets have to be met but surely this should not come at the expense of the children’s wellbeing?

I would ask any parent with a child at the school regardless of this fact if these changes don’t impact you that you support this cause. Please think of the children and the impact that this would have on their day. Also the parents in the school that are genuinely going to struggle with these changes if they are implicated. We need to stand together and reject these proposals on the grounds that the adverse effect that they will have on children and parents at the school. It is very important that we follow this up with personal letters to the head teacher as well. 


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