Facility of Sanitary Napkins in Colleges and Schools across Goa along with disposal system

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Taxation of Sanitary napkins in our country, which is a necessity, is plain exploitation. It's disturbing how the Govt wants to make money out of goods of necessity. While sindur and bindi go tax free, sanitary napkins remain highly taxable. The taxation of Sanitary Pads is a major problem, but NSUI as a student organization is concerned with the availiblity of Sanitary napkins in the common rooms of all the colleges and schools across Goa.

Not all girls are able to afford Sanitary Napkins, and hence a major section of the girls drop out of schools after secondary education and are unable to do their higher studies which is a major setback to the campaign Beti Bachao, Beti Padao run by our PM. Girls have informed us that they are forced to drop out of schools and colleges due to un ability to afford sanitary napkins. Sensitization in terms of what women go through is important, they're ridiculed and there is no support for them.

Support from schools, colleges and Universities is extremely important. Therefore, we request your kind authority to take this matter into consideration and provide Sanitary Napkins for free or at an subsidized rate in all the schools and colleges of Goa, which will help support women and empower them.

Yours Sincerely

Simran Prabhu Malkarnekar
Convenor, Bleed With Pride.

Ahraz Mulla

NSUI Goa, State President.