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Women thy have to face discrimination ...The society is sleeping

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Mrs. Gandhi as you, yourself a very keen observer of the facts and a supporter of women related issues.Madam women who are lonely,divorcees,widows and from deprived classes face descrimination not only at home but also at the work place.Being a widow I myself have been victimized and seen my mother too to undergo many disparities and the problem is if we raise our voice they say " hey see, look she is frustrated and many detrotiating remarks. Even recently when I raised my voice to use civic language on social media against women ,even not seeing my age so many insulting remarks were put on.I am a hard working and very dedicated human being for that if I excel in my field it is said it's only because of my good looks I am given the honor, nobody sees the time,work and energy I put in.It's common not only with me.Single-handedly we are given miltitasks, no vacations even if I suffered from typhoid or even now although I have to leave my 88 years old mother at home but I am given more and more work even in the holidays because I am the single earning hand.Humiliating words before my juniors and all that and from the ladies.I use my resilience only as there is no other solution. The male start asking how I pass my time.And this is when I am an official. I see on the factories the absurd remarks,unnecessary touches,no proper sitting arrangement and toiletries and hence infection of the genital parts.Low wages for the same work.I have seen the contractors exploiting the female workers and labourers.If they take it easy and surrender it's ok but if they resist the situation turns to worst.Even my sister who is a chartered accountant when cought the people red handedly thefting and misusing the funds was attacked with the iron rods in the way.While pregnant a colleague unnecessarily used to sat near her and started smoking. She objected and he got infuriated. So it is the overall condition. Even although an older friend of mine completed all the project was given to the one who was young and beautiful. Another friend of mine a lawyer whenn objected that the mill owner should not use abusive language for the female labourers, She was harassed by making her sit late and let a drunken personal be with her.Those who are hardworking. Don't entertain the colleagues and officials through vocal or other ways are more prone to such harassment. No facilities to keep their children, no break,city in the salary,abuse are a part of the scenerio..Not only this but sexual harassment, acid attacks and many fatal incidents occur.Recently there was a news that female cops are demanded otherwise to get a promotion by a police officer.Mam there is only one question ...Why do we come out of our home leaving the children, the sick and suffering elders to warm.It's only because to earn with dignity and to serve the society.To use our talent.But what we get in turn abuse and discrimination. Is it fair?  When will our mindset be changed? 



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