Outdoor Classroom at Elm Street School

Outdoor Classroom at Elm Street School

March 5, 2021
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Mrs. Madsen
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rebekah Bilodeau

*Ms. Bilodeau's third grade class is learning how to write a petition for their opinion writing unit. The class worked together to write this petition.*

Do you want an outdoor classroom at Elm Street School? An outdoor classroom is a place to do work and have fun outside. 

Bold Opinion:
We, Ms. Bilodeau's Third Grade class, firmly believe there should be an outdoor classroom at Elm Street School.

Elm Street School does not have an outdoor classroom currently. Right now, we have to keep our distance from each other inside because of COVID-19. By having an outdoor classroom we could be safely socially distant from each other and we could have both cohorts outside. We don’t think it is fair that only Oxford has an outdoor classroom. So we hope you agree. 

Why we need one is because we would be able to take off our masks more often and it would help with COVID-19 because the germs won’t spread as easy. We can’t spread out inside without masks on and our desks have to be 6 feet away.

The teachers wouldn’t have to take so long after school to clean up. Overnight the germs would go away because learning is happening outside.

Outside we can learn about stuff. Such as, how to survive outside, plants, and other subjects. It would be easy to learn science because a lot of the materials are out there. 

Also, it would not use too much heat. It is better for the environment. An outdoor classroom would be helpful for our learning!

By building an outdoor classroom we want you to know that we can learn more. We can take off our masks more often and use the outdoor materials we find. We could also get a lot of fresh air outside. If it is cold, then you can just bring warmer clothing. 

Our solution to getting an outdoor classroom is this petition. This petition is for Mrs. Madsen, our principal. 

If you agree that Elm Street School needs an outdoor classroom, sign this petition to help us! 

By signing this petition, it will help us get an outdoor classroom. An outdoor classroom is something that is basically a classroom outside. We have a lot of outside area where the outdoor classroom can go. We need seats, tree stumps, and a chalkboard.

Sign our petition please. It will help our school and you guys can have more fun learning/doing school work. Teachers will be able to sit in the soft grass and not on a hard chair. You can have lunch out there and recess will be more fun.

Thank you for your time reading this and helping us learn differently at our school.

Ms. Bilodeau’s Third Grade Class

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Signatures: 168Next Goal: 200
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