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John Robert Newtons Reduced Sentence to be upped not halfed.

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This man was suspected of child sex crimes as a child and nothing was ever done to protect the children in our area. 

Now years later he commits voyeurism and intended to hurt that little girl in the most unimaginable way.  

He has appealed to the London appeals court to have his sentence reduced and won his case. Mrs justice McGowan said the following: "Although the violence used was gratuitous and frightening, it caused no serious physical injury."

Allowing the appeal, the judge added that, although extremely serious, it was "not the worst case" of its kind.

This man will now be free to act how he likes in our area again, my concern is that I seen the way he used to leer at my daughter and he will obviously be moved back here with his family. He should not be allowed back into society and back to an area so close to a school and rife with children playing on the streets. 

I am asking Mrs justice McGowan & the London appeal court  to reconsider this ludicrous decision and make sure he will never harm another child again or have the facility to be able to view them. 

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