EGGS year 13 uniform should be different to year 12 !

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From the beginning of year nine. You look forward to getting a seperate uniform in year 13. This differenciation shows you’ve accomplished five years at Epsom girls, it comes with added confidence and privileges. In year 13 you’re allowed To skip tuck shop line, receive free periods and leave at lunch. But as the uniform for year 13 and year 12 will be the same as of 2020. The jump to year 13 becomes less exciting and rewarding. Year 12s May then abuse the use of looking like year 13. Now I understand teachers might say we will check ID. They don’t understand that isn’t our only concern. It is a honour to feel different and accomplished. Compared to other years. 

At least giving the year 12s a short skirt. Of short sleeve could give us some sort of difference. 

Also adding we look exactly like DIO