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Boycott Prefect Duties

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Regarding the prefect situation.

Now fellow seniors, we have a problem on our hands. Oppressive rule has taken over. This can NOT go on. We were free before, free and happy. But now all has changed. The outrageous and stridulous behaviour of our unruly dictator, is preventing us, the so-called duty doers, from doing our job. Doing Duties. For some reason two larger groups are preferred to four smaller, easier to manage groups. Ludicrous. Absolutely ludicrous. Not to mention the unneeded duties that span the whole of lunch, such as the infamous Astro duty. This duty was utterly useless and did not improve the safety of any first years, AS NONE EVEN SHOWED UP! And get this; no prefect training. How do they expect us the perform to our best if we can't even co-operate with the people we are working with? This is a mess and needs to be sorted pronto.

Our current situation involves us prefects (commonly referred  to as "slaves") being used and abused from all corners, nooks and cranny's from all area's of our small, weak and brittle bodies. Our last renaming strength is being pumped out of our hands and feet and being used to satisfy the needs the higher ups. The higher ups (referred to (by force) as "masters") are causing a great deal of pain and suffering for the hard-working, exhausted prefects. We work day and afternoon tirelessly to ensure that the children of our school are safe from the dangers of the street, the library and of course, the deadly (useless) astro. We feel as if we are being controlled like puppets and used like dogs at a race track. What the actual fuck. We don't deserve this after all the hard work we put in. I want this shit fixed now. 

If one unnamed person does not get ANY DUTIES AT ALL, how is that fair for the rest of the prefects. This person won't even make sure to maintain the quality of the area she has been sworn to protect.


Signed, your "team mates".


"She thinks she isn't retarded"

"We can't eat off the plates, never mind the floor"

"We have no food to eat off the floor anyway"

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