safety - the right to be saved, no lifeguards in aruba - the vacation price is life

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On June 6, 2019, my husband, Dr. Harold John Smith, PhD, was vacationing at the Aruba Beach Club Resort. From reading the police report, which I have only just recently received, it appears he may have had a medical emergency while swimming. According to the report, other guests on the beach stood and watched him struggle in the water for 15-20 min. No one tried to help. He was reported missing, presumed drowned, by local police. His body still has not been recovered, which has caused much emotional grief for our family. On June 18th, 2019 another tourist drowned in the hotel next door due to the lack of safety measures and lifeguards.

I want to do what I can to ensure that no other family ever has to go through what ours is currently enduring. If a lifeguard had been present on June 6, 2019, my husband likely would have been saved and survived.

My plea to the Government of Aruba with the support of the Government of Canada is:
1. to make lifeguards mandatory at all beaches and hotels,
2. to post large signage on the beach, alerting visitors to the dangers of the strong currents,
3. to make it mandatory for all hotels to have documentation to this effect in all their rooms,
4. to issue public travel advisories when these types of events happen.

Can we please count on your support by signing this petition and joining me and my family in this request to the Government of Aruba. Thank you.