Move Mrs.Goodwin to 8th grade for the 2018-2019 School Year

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   By: Zainab Sohail, Manasvini Saripalli, Shraddha Vemuri, Leah Bushra, Srija Kolluri, Keya Patel, Angel Purcell & Jessica Pelaez.

     Have you ever had a teacher whose class you've just wanted to go to over and over again? Looping is the act of switching grades to have the same children in your class from the previous year. It allows students to enjoy another year of learning with their previous teacher. There are many pros to looping and few cons. Looping would allow Mrs.Goodwin to teach 8th-grade Algebra next year or both 7th grade Pre-Algebra & 8th-grade Algebra. 

Benefits of Looping

1. Understanding Student Needs

If Mrs.Goodwin were to teach 8th grade next year and have some of her students from last year (or all) she would be able to understand their different needs, such as knowing where the student succeeds & struggles, knowing how the student learns, & lastly knowing what the students have & haven’t learned. This can benefit the classroom flow in a plethora of ways. Knowing where the student struggles and succeeds can always be a difficult task for teachers with new students. However, if the teacher had you the previous year she would know which skills to make you stronger in. Knowing how a student learns can allow her to help them in a way others can't. She would also know whether specific students work better with premade notes, or their own, as well as what classroom techniques allow them to succeed. Lastly knowing what the students have and haven't learned can help her know if she just needs to recap the subject or do a full lesson on it, benefitting the classroom work ethic.

2. Stronger Relationships Between Family and Students

Not only would looping benefit the teacher, but it would benefit the students & parents as well. Looping would allow students and parents to be more comfortable by allowing them to connect with each other easier, due to the fact that they know each other. Students would also know how the teacher teaches them as well as what to expect. Once again, due to the student learning with the teacher the previous year they know what the rules of the classroom are, what to expect, and how the teacher's class works. This could make learning easier and brings good grades galore.

3. Promotes Teacher Innovation

Lastly, looping would promote teacher innovation. Due to the fact that the teacher would be having the same children from the past year, she wouldn't be able to use the same lesson plans again. So she would have to think of new ideas to do both learning and having fun in the classroom. Looping would encourage the teacher to get creative, ask students opinions on what they need help with, & keep teacher up to date with new technologies and ideas in education. The teacher could think of new & interesting ways to teach lessons. She would also be allowed to get her students opinion on what they'd like to see in class, making the classroom more interactive between the teacher and students. Finally, the teacher could keep up to date with trends, new technologies, and different teaching methods to make the classroom a more enjoyable environment.

Although there are many pros some may believe that looping could continue negative relationships between a student & teacher because let's admit it, we don't love all of our teachers. With some teachers, this may be true however with Mrs.Goodwin, it isn't. Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, we haven't heard a single negative thing about Mrs.Goodwin. I speak on behalf of over 100 7th graders when I say the year has been full of laughs, as well as many useful methods and tricks in math. So, to conclude no negative relationships would continue when there weren't any, to begin with!

In conclusion, although we know whether Mrs.Goodwin will be moved or not isn't in our hands, it's worth a shot. Looping would allow her to teach only 8th grade or both 7th & 8th grade. It's many benefits outweigh the (nonexistent) disadvantages too! Mrs.Goodwin taught us a lot, but not enough. That is why we believe you should allow Mrs.Goodwin to loop for the 2018-2019 school year.  

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