Petition to have Corn Snakes (Pantherophis guttatus guttatus) removed off the Alien Invasive Species List

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1.)   The placing of Corn Snakes in Catrgory 3 of the Alien Invasive Species List is both ridiculous and unethical.  The draft list that was brought out in February 2014 made absolutely no mention of corn snakes, and then also the subsequent meeting in early March no mention was made of corn snakes being included on the list.  Suddenly when the list was signed, Corn Snakes appeared in Category 3.  This was done without public consultation which is one of NEMBA’s stipulations.  The way in which corn snakes were added to the list appears very underhanded and sneaky.  Corn snakes have been kept and bred in this country for over 40 years.  They are bred in large numbers and is the most popular beginners snakes, due to their many different colour and pattern morphs.  Nowhere have Corn Snakes established themselves in South Africa in all this time.  There are literally thousands of them in captivity in South Africa and are a source of income for many people.  It is a favourite in most pet shops. 


1.)    The fact KZN has an approved Risk Assessment for Corn Snakes, and has allowed them to be imported and kept in captivity for many years is indicative of the fact that Corn Snakes have never imposed a problem.   Therefore it makes no sense that Corn Snakes have suddenly been included on the list.


2.)    People in reptile hobby need to stand together to show our opposition to regulations that are brought in without public consultation and participation.  As this list is reviewed every six months, more species could be added if the wildlife authorities get away with this.



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