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Today (April 5, 2018), presumably, every member of Stand Up for Europe has received an email sent by the Temporary Administrator of Stand Up for Europe, Mrs. Silance, convening a General Assembly for our movement in order to elect a new executive board, on April 28th 2018, in Brussels.

Mrs. Silance was appointed as the Temporary Administrator following a legal procedure initiated by the president of our association Mr. Richard Laub against our own association. Mrs. Silance has received the mandate from the court to convene a General Assembly to elect the new executive board of our association.


  • Information notice: The common practice for our movement has been to inform members of the holding of a General Assembly several months in advance (4 months for the Munich General Assembly) in order to allow the large majority of our members who lives across Europe to plan their travel and accommodation at reasonable cost and manage possible conflicts with other obligations.
  • Discrimination of members not living in Brussels: A short information notice constitutes a discrimination against the vast majority of members who does not live in or around Brussels. This is against the very basic principle of our movement which is a pan-European grassroots movement. This is even more important considering that, contrary to the commitment made by all sides at the Munich General Assembly, electronic voting will not be allowed at the upcoming convention.
  • Problems experienced at the last General Assembly in Munich: The election of the new executive board was stopped at the Convention that took place in Munich in November 2017, due to a very difficult situation marked by:
  1. hundreds of people who registered as new members at the last minute;
  2. individuals who paid membership fees for tens of other people;
  3. proxies collected through unclear procedures;
  4. testimonies of people who were offered to have their travels and hotels paid by some of the candidates;
  5. an Electoral Committee was appointed to organise a new convention but it had to resign given the difficulties raised by one of the two sides during the process.
  • Lack of information: The members of Stand Up for Europe were not involved nor informed in any way about the on-going process. The Temporary Administrator Mrs. Silance demanded the former executive board members not to share any information to the members.


  1. The General Assembly on April 28th is immediately postponed, 
  2. The convocation of the next General Assembly is done with at least 2 months of prior notice,
  3. Information on how the problems experienced at the last General Assembly in Munich have been addressed.

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