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Water Pollution is a big thing and can affect us and our surrondings

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Its a big deal. We have 5 % fresh water in the entire earth and only 1% is drinkable water. We have been littering the water with pollutants that kill the animals around us and we are putting ourselves at stake. A shark might think that a Coca Cola soda bottle which is swimming around the ocean is its dinner but once it takes a bite it starts choking and it falls to the ground of the ocean and it decomposes, another sea mammal that was chasing this shark has lost its dinner for the day and is now starving. Picture This. WE ARE DISTRIBUTING THE FOOD CHAIN FOR THESE POOR SEA MAMMALS.  This is causing global warming another big problem. Already because of what we are doing a state named California is having very little rain and lots of droughts  especially cities like Los Angles. Experts have been telling them that soon they will need to drink waste water from sewers , Gross Right ??? They also said that they will be filtering the waste water but still it is a risky job . It already started with 1 state now it might go on like a virus. If you care about your life and about other people's and other animal's lives sign this petition. 

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