Equality for Non Locals. Its completely unfair and disheartening to meritorious students.

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I am an aspirant of MBA in Hyderabad and I've worked hard to get a rank in TS-ICET but I got rejected at the counselling procedure because I am not a Local Resident of Hyderabad for last 10 years. This is completely unfair and disheartening for meritorious students to get rejected. We are then asked to get an admission in colleges via the Management Quota. The scene in colleges via the Management Quota is so pathetic where parents and students are asked an amount of 60k - 90k as donation. I demand to know.. What Exactly Is This Donation Amount For? Why is There Any Need For Donation? It is not easy for any normal earning family to pay this huge amount of so called 'Donation'. Its not just about being easy to pay the donation, its also about the unfair means to earn and is an open loot of the general public. Its a huge discouragement for students who aspire and wish to acquire further education. 

A higher degree of education for girls means a lot for them. Its not just a ticket to good marriages but also for better career prospects in life and greater opportunities to lead a good life. 

I am not against reservations for ST/SC or any action taken in favour to uplift the society but charging extra money in the name of donation and keeping us completely unaware of what the money is used for or where it is used is WRONG. 

I may have been a non local but now I am not and I am as much INDIAN as any resident of India. Rejecting anyone on the Non Local basis during the counselling procedure or charging extra fees is not right and ALL OF THIS NEEDS A CHANGE. 

Please sign this petition and come together to be a part of this change and stop this unjust charge of extra fees. 

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