A Rubbish Collection Pavilion for Luk Tei Tong, Mui Wo, Hong Kong

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Dear Mr Leung Ka-yiu and Mr Lau San-shing,

The residents of Luk Tei Tong Village in Mui Wo on Lantau Island are requesting the provision of proper rubbish collection facilities in our village of Luk Tei Tong and the removal of the unsightly and environmentally damaging bins from the green fields in front of the village.

Currently, there are bins for general waste, glass and recyclables at this location. The area around the bins is very open and not sheltered. On every occasion when it is windy some of the contents from the bins is blown away into the fields and swamps adjacent to where the bins are located.
With the increasing number of residents in the village this problem is becoming more serious every day. The spread of rubbish around the bins is a potential health risk as well as being an eyesore. This path is the main [road / access] used by residents going to the Mui Wo centre, as well as hikers who have been in the mountains.

Inside the Village itself there are only a few individual general waste bins here and there and a small group of recycling bins on the path coming into the middle of the village, which are also poorly managed and not properly situated. This is wholly inadequate given the increase in the number of new houses being built at both ends of the village, which now covers an area of over 5 hectares (450 m x 120 m)

We are requesting that two refuse stations be erected inside the extensive Village development zone, similar to those in the nearby villages in Mui Wo and along the South Lantau road.

One should be in the Northern part of the village and one in the Southern half. We believe there are several possible sites on existing government land in the Northern half of the village, and that a suitable site can easily be found in the Southern part of the village, if necessary by resuming a parcel of abandoned agricultural land that is near to the large group of new houses that [are] being constructed on land re-designated for such development.

We see an urgent need to build proper refuse stations in our Village in order to bring environmental and waste management standards up to an acceptable level and a level similar to those of other nearby villages.

Please kindly help us direct our petition to the responsible department(s).