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Abolishing Kimberly High School's Hat Ban

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In the century since Kimberly High School was first established, there has never been a time when the school allowed such a simple freedom of expression and show of individuality as wearing a non-distracting hat. The students of Kimberly High have long felt that they are being treated unfairly by the Board's ban on hats and, when students ask teachers what the purpose of such a ban is, they are given explanations such as, "Wearing hats is a sign of disrespect to teachers." At an earlier time in the school's history, such a policy made sense; now that there are people who regularly wear such things as annihilated jeans (large holes everywhere), light-up shoes, and very revealing tops/shorts, the school's stance on dress seems to be excessively casual. It is impossible to say that a mere beanie or baseball cap is either more distracting or more inappropriate as a show of respect to teachers as the excessively casual dress code that is already implemented. In conclusion, students of Kimberly High School would be benefited by a repeal of the hat ban as the administration could focus its attention on more important matters, students would feel less troubled that their personal property is at risk of being taken away for indefinite periods of time, and students would be just as focused in the classroom as they would be otherwise.

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