Senior for Spirit Leader

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For as long as the Spirit Leader position has been in existence, it has always been best filled by a Greeley Senior.

Even before my freshman year at Greeley, my older brother would explain how vital the Spirit Leader position is to the survival and encouragement of school spirit. He would tell me how much people would look up to the leader and how people would even rely on the Spirit Leader to plan and coordinate school-wide events.

Unfortunately, as we all know, spirit at Greeley is suffering and needs someone to take the reigns and guide Quakers to success. This requires someone who has been at Greeley for at least three years and who truly understands the dynamics of student life. Therefore, only a rising Senior will be able to perform the necessary assignments of the Spirit Leader role to the highest capability. 

Otherwise, important events ranging from spirit weeks to pep rallies to Homecoming and even to the spring dance (that has been cancelled for the past few years due to poor attendance) will lack remembrance and eventually value.

In the words of our current Spirit Leader, Laura U., “It is essential for the Spirit Leader to be a senior. If a senior is not elected, then all of the work of past Spirit Leaders will be flushed down the drain.”

Don’t be the grade that is remembered for killing Greeley’s spirit. Be the grade that is known for saving it. Now’s your chance to be heard. Don’t let the future generations and the Class of 2019’s Senior year go to shambles. Sign today.

P.S. This petition is not intended to target anyone in any way. It is, however, a method to gather the general student body's opinion on the topic. Sign if you want, don't sign if you don't. We are all entitled to our opinions.

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