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CLOSE the illegal shelter for stray dogs in Bragadiru, where th public acces is restricted because it is on a Penitenciary Grounds.

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The Bucharest City Hall ( General Mayor Sorin Oprescu ) and ASPA ( the Bucharest Authority for the Surveillance and the Protection of Animals ( led by Razvan Bancescu and Bogdan Treeroiu ) have decided to open IN SECRET, a new shelter for stray dogs on the GROUNDS of the Penitenciary Rahova in the Commune Bragadiru - Ilfov County Romania . They transport IN SECRET, in unmarked trucks, even more than 80 dogs at one time, and they leave them in the care of INMATES.

Quote from Vier Pfoten Romania's page  

"Potrivit răspunsului primit astăzi de la DSVSA Ilfov cu privire la situația ilegală a noului adăpost public din Bragadiru, ”în adăpost nu este permis accesul publicului decât în condiții speciale întrucât locația aparține Penitenciarului București Rahova, iar îngrijitorii sunt persoane private de libertate cu regim restricționat”. 

VIER PFOTEN subliniază în acest caz încălcarea flagrantă a OUG 155/2001, potrivit căreia primăriile sunt OBLIGATE să permită accesul publicului în adăposturile publice, în intervalul orar 10.00 - 18.00. 
Pagina Vier pfoten

When this situation became  public and people went there to adopt or to retreive lost dogs, their access has been denied. The Romanian Chapter of the International Organization " Vier Pfoten" has filled in a complaints with the Ilfov County Sanitary Veterinary Office, about the ILLEGALITY of such a shelter. The new and controversial law for the management of stray dogs, STIPULATES very clearly that all public shelters MUST have free public access from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm.

In the written anser from DVS Ilfov, it is very clear that the access to the Bragadiru shelter is RESTRICTED because the caretakes of the dogs are INMATES. THIS BREAKS THE LAW, yet it is obvious that the authorities from Bucharest decided to BREAK the law, therefor we ask the National Sanitary Veterinary Authority - ANSVSA - to immediately CLOSE that shelter,. suspend ALL ASPA actions ( except adoptions from its public shelters ) and to immediately start a thorough and taugh investigation of all decisions and actions taken by ASPA Bucharest ( contracts with dop catching firms, state of all public shelters, implementation of ALL the requirements of the law and its norms, financial documents, invividual records for each and every dog they capture , salararies of the employees, etc )

Mr. Vladimir Manastireanu, please show the WORLD, where exactly in the Law 258/2013 and in its Methodological Norms is written that it is LEGAL for town halls to make contracts with PENITENCIARIES ( JAILS ) to have PUBIC SHELTERS for stray dogs, and that INMATES to be caretakers for the animals...WHERE ?

We also ask ANSVSA to take in consideration this petition too

It has become OBVIOUS to the entire world that Romanian local authorities, including Bucharest have decided to make their own laws, while ANSVSA remains SILENT.

This petition as well as all the precedent ones will be forwarded to the EU too

We also ask for the immediate dismissal of Razvan Bancescu and Bogdan Treieroiu from ASPA , for incompetence, manipulation , abuze of power and misinterpretation of the legislation in force in Romania. 

Thank you .


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