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JAIL time for the hunters who killed almost 30 dogs in Tulcea County Romania. ( and the policeman) Inchisoare pentru vanatorii care au ucis 30 de caini in judetul Tulcea.

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Some drunk hunters wanted to have FUN, and SHOT dead almost 30 dogs, belonging to the shepherds in the area of the Commune Mihai Bravu - Tulcea county. The dogs have been killed FOR FUN, and their owners received death treats from the hunters. The Policeman is an ACCOMPLICE to this carnage. We ask for the HARSHEST punishment ; hail time, based on the Romanian LAw 9/2008

TO all Romanian Authorities mentioned above and Romanian Media 

We citizens of Romania and the entire world, can not find words anymore to extress our OUR OUTRAGE and total disbelief about the evil acts committed towards animals, especially DOGS in general.

Noi, cetateni ai Romaniei si ai lumii intregi suntem inmarmuriti efectiv in fata actelor diabolice comise asupra animalelor si in special asupra cainilor.  

We found out about the CARNAGE committed by some hunters in Tulcea County - commune Mihai Bravu - where they killed with PURE SADISM almost 30 dogs belonging to the shepherds in that area. 

Am aflat despre carnagiul de care se fac vinovati cativa vanatori in localitatea Mihai Bravu - asupra cainilor ciobanilor din zona

Based on the Romanian Law for the protection of animals, 9/2008, these individuals are guilty of INTENTIONAL KILLING< and they must go to JAIL>  It is OUTRAGEOUS to find out, that this HORROR happend under the benevolent eyes of a policeman from the Rural Police. This individual MUST BE FIRED imediately, and charged with complicity to commit a crime.  

In baza legii 9/2008, pentru protectia animalelor , acesti indivizi se fac vinovati de OMOR cu intentie si trebuie sa fie pedepsiti cu INCHISOARE. Politistul de la Politia Rurala , care a lasat sa fie comisa crima, trebuie sa fie DAT AFARA IMEDIAT si pus sub urmarire penala pentru complicitate la comitere de omor cu intentie asupra animalelor. Law 9/2008 5. Articolul 6 va avea urmatorul cuprins: 
"Art. 6. - (1) In sensul prezentei legi, prin rau tratament se intelege comportamentul brutal, abuzul in utilizarea animalelor, supunerea animalelor la eforturi inutile, precum si neasigurarea conditiilor prevazute la art. 5 alin. (1). 
(2) In sensul prezentei legi, prin cruzime fata de animale se intelege: 
a) omorarea animalelor, cu intentie; 
b) practicarea tirului pe animale domestice sau captive; 
h) maltratarea si schingiuirea animalelor; 
j) provocarea de suferinte fizice si psihice prin orice mijloace; 

For all these crime, there is JAIL time from 3 months to 3 years.   There criminals must also be charged with uttering death threats, intimidation and abuse of fire arms. Acesti criminali trebuie sa fie cercetati penal si pentru amenintari cu moartea, intimidare si abuz de arme de foc.   When will the ROMANIAN POLICE CHARGE people who kill animals  AS stupulated in Romanian LAWS in force ? When will the Romanian Police DO THE RIGHT THING and APPLY the LAWS ? 

Cand va incepe Politia Romana sa faca dosare penale chelor care comit crime asupra animalelor in baza legilor romane in vigoare ?  Cand va incepe Politia Romana sa isi faca DATORIA fata de legile Romaniei ?  

All these horrible cases of DELIBERATE killing of animals, and deliberate cruelty, under the eyes of law enforcement employees, will be reported to the EU from now on.

Toate aceste cazuri de omor si de cruzime deliberata asupra animalelor, comise in prezenta organelor de ordine vor fi raportate la UE.

Thank you for taking action 


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