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Good Morning all.....

Firstly a HUGE thank-you for the support - which started off as me having a rant and just gathered more and more... 

Well things have certainly improved massively here since all this started... although the start of it was not down to the politicians, but to local people who live here, expats and Greeks who when nothing was being done - did it themselves!! 

Corfu itself does have a new Mayoress who seems to be passionate about her job and doing good things for the island in general ...and everyone is hoping she will support what the locals have managed and take it further..

The main and biggest thing here though is the incredible uprising of all things related to recycling, therefore causing less rubbish etc etc..There are now ""Green Spots"" all over the island manned by wonderful and amazing volunteers who are getting as many people aware and involved as possible ....there are Facebook and social media pages for people to share ideas on recycling, re-purposing, and eco-friendly ideas ....people are being motivated to take part, get involved and it is all really starting to make a difference, it is not the end of the tunnel but there is definitely a light there....all of which can only be a positive for this incredible island we live on....but please even if you do not live here on Corfu - take note of your recycling and single plastics etc - the earth is in a pretty bad way in general..... if you are not in Corfu just take a look at any social media called ""Do it for David"" ...... thanks again for taking the time!!
#plasticfreegreece #doitfordavid 

Sarah-jane Monro
2 years ago