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SAVE IRAQ, seek US President Trump to resolve Iraqi Crises.

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The President

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500                                               

  February 4, 2017


Dear President Trump,

First of all, we would like to congratulate you on your victory in the U.S. presidential election and on your assumption of the presidency, wishing you and your team all the success in this mission.

Mr. President,
As Iraqis concerns about their country, we have followed with great interest your electoral program, especially in regards to Iraq, and we would like here to express our deep appreciation to your attention, vision, and interest in the Iraqi issue.

It is no secret that the previous administration failed to address the Iraqi crisis over eight years, which has increased the suffering of the Iraqis and their pain, especially after the occupation of ISIS to the second largest Iraqi province that contains the biblical city Nineveh.

In the same time, we share your view point on the causes of the emergence, which has further deteriorated the security situation. We share your opinion that security under the former regime was better than now. In the same time, we appreciate your administration’s view to consider some Islamic movements as terrorist organizations, specifically ISIS and the Islamic Brotherhood and Iran’s revolutionary guard.

In order to find a solution to the Iraqi crisis in order to promote international peace and security in this region of the world and to strengthen the friendship between the American and Iraqi people, We would like to point out to you the following facts:

1. The Iraqis are still looking forward to a real democracy, and they wish the United States will extend its helping hand to them to achieve this end.

2. The Iraqis have paid a heavy price and great sacrifices for freedom and democracy, and we hope that those sacrifices don’t go in vain.

3. The governing parties of political Islam infused corruption that is not seen in the history of the Iraqi state since its founding in 1921, and governing parties did not respond to the demands of the Iraqi people in their huge demonstrations since 2011 to trial the corrupt and to recover funds looted and deposited in international banks, which are equivalent to six Arab countries budgets combined according to international and local reports.

4. The Iraqis under the rule of political Islam live miserably, not seen in their modern history, as the number of immigrants amounted to more than four millions, including majority of Christians, Mandaeans, and Yazidis. On the other side, the high poverty ratio reached (35%) in the year (2016) according to the Iraqi parliament, which did not get on Iraq for hundred years ago, as well as the high rates of unemployment, crime rates, and the proliferation of armed militia undermining the rule of law.

5. The assuming of political Islam to power and wealth enabled them to continue ruling Iraq, which means more destruction and the misery for the Iraqi people.

Therefore, we hope that your administration can take some of the fowling suggestions:

First, put pressure on the Iraqi government to hold the upcoming elections free and fair in a transparent manner to ensure the ambitions of the Iraqis.

Second, block the corrupt Iraqi officials’ funds and assets from 2005 until now, which were deposited in the U.S. and international banks.

Third, the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad to play more active positive role in dealing with the status quo in Iraq to deal with the Iraqi issue.

Fourth, consider the viewpoints of Iraqis independent and objective voices one the situation in Iraq and the suggested solutions.

We are hoping that you will invite a number of Iraqi independent signatories to this letter who are experienced and qualified to meet with you and explain our views, looking forward to the possibility of cooperation with your working team to serve both of our people.


For this reason, we have established an Iraqi working group in cooperation with independents Iraqi citizens who are living in many countries of the world including the United States to convey our message to you.

We hope that this request will receive your interest and satisfaction.

God bless you


Most respectfully,

Riadh Yalda Oshana

1000 S. Anza St.,

El Cajon, CA 92020



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