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URGENT: Please send a quick email explaining objections to Sutton Planning

Richard Johnson
Worcester Park, United Kingdom

Feb 22, 2015 — Dear petition supporters,

Thank you for your continuing support. On Wednesday, February 25th this planning application comes before the planning committee, where members of the community will object on behalf of the whole community.

I have learned that at least two letters of objection have been received by Sutton Planning, but failed to be received by the planning officer and never got uploaded to the planning portal: This is rather worrying!

Sutton Planning have also advised that though this petition meets the normal petition requirements of Sutton Council, it does not meet the requirements of Sutton planning - in other words, this petition is to be ignored.

I have been advised by Sutton Planning what format acceptable objections can take: In order to ensure your objections and opinions are represented, please URGENTLY send an email direct to the planning officer, taking the 4 following steps to ensure it's receipt in time for the planning committee's assessment:

1. Please send an email to all of the following 3 email addresses:;;
[The third email account is to ensure that all emails received are represented and none fail to be received by the planning officer. Only I have access to it - If you are confident that your email will be received by Sutton Planning, you need not include the third email address].

2. Subject: Planning Application A2014/70964: OBJECTION
[Please utilise this as the subject of the email]

3. Please include in your email, the following:
[a]. Your name
[b]. Your full address
[Without both, your email will not be included in the objections. Please be reassured, your details will not be utilised for any other purpose than objecting to this planning application].

4. Please express your reason(s) for objecting,
Such as :

[a]. This application will result in the reduction in an area already desperately short of parking, adversely affecting every business, employee, customer and family in the area.
[b]. This is an unsuitable location for the library garden, surrounded by busy, often gridlocked traffic, exiting the car park via the one available route. It is patently unhealthy to sit in this polluted area.
[c]. Reduction in accessibility for the disabled: shifting a disabled space to the centre of the car park and placing traffic access between the driver and the library entrance is a concerning reduction in amenity and safety.
[d]. Reduced turning and manoeuvring area in the library car park, making delivery access particularly difficult to traders and bin collection difficult.
[e]. Lack of funding now and in the future - local councillors have been unable to identify almost half the required £70,000 initial investment.
[f]. Lack of future funding - there is absolutely no provision for maintenance, repair or replacement.
[g]. Disturbance and noise to residents, due to unrestricted access and the expressed intention to hold "parties".
[h]. Lack of any security provision in an area known to attract groups of youths - this 'garden' will facilitate and encourage them.
[I]. This will open the door to further planning applications, similarly claiming there is a surplus of parking.
[j]. The '96% support' allegedly achieved during consultation is clearly a skewed statistic. It was clearly restricted to a small, receptive few. It is also both unclear what tis approval was for and what questions were asked.

Thank you!

On Wednesday 25th February, I will attempt to present the best possible case against this planning application. Obviously the more supporting emails objecting to this planning application, the stronger the case.

Whatever the outcome, I will update and advise you via this petition. I will then close the petition, preventing future access - I am not and never have been a member of any political party and no information will be utilised for any other purpose, other than objecting to this planning application.

Thank you for your continuing support for your community.
Kind regards,
Richard Johnson.

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