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The immediate removal of the current management of Khao Yai National Park and a comprehensive investigation into the mismanagement in Khao Yai National Park during the tenure of the current management.

  1. Through negligence 6 elephants have been killed at Heow Narok Waterfall.
    The management was aware, that the elephant barriers that should prevent elephants from falling down the waterfall have not been repaired for many years.
  2. On orders from management, rangers are violently pushing wild elephants from roads inside the protected area to created smooth traffic flows for tourists, thus increasing speed.
  3. Khao Yai management has totally neglected Human Elephant Conflict-affected communities around KYNP.
  4. Rangers are still using fireworks and other violent methods to chase elephants.
  5. No action is taken to avoid car/wildlife accidents in and around KY.
    Numerous animals are killed every year and in many accidents with elephants, at least 1 human life was lost. In some cases, park officials have been at the wheels.
  6. Wildlife observation by tourists is hindered and discouraged while partying is encouraged.
  7. Big bike problems have been addressed by reducing the noise level to max 95 decibels against the law stating 85 decibels on all public roads in Thailand.
  8. Bringing domestic pets, alcohol drinking, speeding, feeding of wildlife and even racing is tolerated.

Photo ; ''Photograph : Departement of National Parks ,Wildlife and Plant Conservation / EPA ''