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Petitioning Premier of Victoria Mr Ted Baillieu

Mr Ted Baillieu, Premier of Victoria: Build a truck bypass to get port trucks off residential streets.

The World Health Organisation has declared that diesel exhaust causes cancer.

The City Of Maribyrnong experiences over 20,000 trucks every day according to VicRoads, the vast majority of these trucks travel through narrow residential streets. The Victorian EPA has never recorded higher levels of diesel pollution on a residential street than on Francis Street in Yarraville.

Thousands of trucks pass our kindergartens, schools and community centres every day spewing out toxic diesel exhaust that our children breathe. Maribyrnong has the highest levels of hospital admissions for respiratory illness in the state.

The previous state government planned to build a truck bypass that would remove 1,000,000 trucks every year from our residential streets. Under the Baillieu government these plans have stalled.

It's not good enough, we need a truck bypass now!

Letter to
Premier of Victoria Mr Ted Baillieu
I call on you to fund a truck bypass for the long suffering residents of Melbourne's inner west. Despite the World Health Organisation declaring that diesel exhaust causes cancer, these residents experience over 20,000 trucks every day, spewing out diesel pollution over their homes, kindergartens, schools and parks. The EPA has never recorded higher levels of diesel pollution on a residential street than on Francis street in Yarraville.

Diesel exhaust causes major health issues including asthma, abnormalities in child lung development, brain tumors and cancer.

Melbourne Port is expected to more than double the amount of containers it currently handles in the next 10 years. The truck problem is only going to get worse, doing nothing is not an option.

A truck bypass is needed now, VicRoads has it shovel ready, it just needs commitment from you.

I urge you to build the bypass now,

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