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Dimapur is the largest city in Nagaland and has the only airport in Nagaland. Domestic flights operate from this airport to Kolkata. Airports Authority of India(AAI), Dimapur are now constructing an isolation bay on airport land at 3rd Mile, Dimapur. The construction is proceeding withour environmental clearance and huge volumes of smoke are being belched out by a tar making machine on the site into the air every day. While the necessity of the ongoing work isn't in question it is the absolute lack of any kind of dust and air pollution measures (mandated by environmental law) that is of concern. Obviously instituting such measures would eat into the profits of the contractor.

A newspaper report appeared in the Nagaland Post on 22 March 2018 after which the Nagaland pollution control board officers came and inspected the site. AAI, DImapur has now shifted the polluting operations to night time hours (under the cover of darkness. Numerous appeals, to AAI, Dimapur have failed to elicit any response from the authorities. Nor has The Nagaland Pollution Control Board followed up on its initial action of visiting the site.

This isn't an issue that only affects Dimapur. It affects all of us since a climactic disturbance of this scale is bound to result in phenomena like acid rain elsewhere besides creating health issues locally. After all air is a fluid medium.

Please sign my petition asking The Civil Aviation Minister, Mr Suresh Prabhu and The Minister for Environment, Dr Harsh Vardhan to step in and stop AAI, Dimapur from continuing with this poisoning of our air.