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Allow Trans person (Kinnars) jobs or allow them to be as is at train stations.

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They say a beggar should stop begging and get a job. We say, Can you fly a plane without knowing how its done? Why not? You are educated right? You may have taken a flight in your life... isn't that good enough?

If all beggars knew what has to be done to earn their livelihood, they would try... but they dont and so, they are not making an excuse. The excuse is made by people who are educated, or were given the education (thanks to their parents) and were allowed guidance by their school, their college and the places they applied or were given opportunities to start as a fresher. They are educated and still want to ignore the people who are a part of this society. They give smart reasons why one should have been educated or should have had a will to work. 

We know of educated individuals who decide to sit and home and make do with other peoples money. That we think is bad. But if you allowed trans people (Kinnars) a fair deal to walk into a school, or at a job or a burial thats just like everyone else's, then we can point out to them for they are wrong. In our society, they have been wronged by people and the government.

Your decision to not allow them to be at the train station, will mean, they can't get money. The most usual scenario in this case would be for them to beg else where, but this would mean that they will take on ways that are easy. This will cause them to take on to using sex as their way of making money as they do not get jobs to begin with.

One of our models in our show was allowed to work in a restaurant that has all trans person in them. That initiative needs to be taken by you if you think you are right in making the decision to stop people from begging.

Dear Sir, Suresh Prabhu, please work on solutions that help the people. We say stop them from begging, only when you have found them an alternate way of making money. Please empower them.


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