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Improve driving conditions in Hyderabad

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While a few of us may claim or want to believe, that Hyderabad's traffic conditions are far better than cities like Bengaluru and Delhi NCR; heart in heart we all know that situation is getting worse by the day.

As this wonderful city draws more and more investment from corporates across industries and also talent (people) from across the country and abroad, there is a need for state government to re-look at the driving conditions, specially on the routes leading to what is know as Cyberabad, Hitech City. Here are the top three very basic things that are must have in-order to survive in the next 5 years:

1. Widening and de-congestion of Roads: As a common observer who just moved to Hyderabad, I can say there is a lot of opportunity here. What do we need:

Work must start now to widen routes which are likely to get congested because of upcoming commercial or residential areas. Key bottle neck areas must be identified and plan must be put in place to de-congest these areas. This should include consideration on diverting the Heavy vehicles traffic away from such areas.

2. Lane Driving with strict adherence checks: This is truly a mess primarily because there is zero understanding or awareness of lane driving. Vehicles driving at 20kms/hr are being driven in middle of road slowing down entire traffic, trucks and buses can be found cutting across roads like two-wheelers risking lives of many, to name a few. What do we need:

The state transport must enact a rule on Lane driving followed up with ongoing campaign to educate masses, supported by volunteers across city. Sign boards which are visible to all drivers must be erected. Adherence checks must be done with initial drives focusing on education and warning instead of penalty.

3. Foot bridges or underpass for pedestrian crossing:

Have seen traffic policemen managing traffic to allow those going to work to cross the roads - simply because there are no foot over-bridges or underpass. And a few which are available remain unused because convenience of crossing roads from where you are is much higher than walking hundreds of meter to reach this one-off overbridge. What do we want:

Identify areas where there is a frequent cross-over of pedestrians - likely to be areas where there are huge commercial space with several offices. Create over-bridge or underpasses as appropriate. Once done, create high dividers on key two-way routes - to prevent people from crossing at their will - this will also help in road safety and encourage people to use newly erected bridges and underpasses.

If  the above objectives are met over the next 2-3 years, in a sustainable manner - Hyderabad will be a much better place to drive and live in.

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