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No More Project Based Learning in SL Chemistry

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Project based learning is an ineffective and frustrating experience. It sets unfair expectations for students, makes it exceptionally challenging to understand basic course material, and lacks a proper overall structure.

What is it? In I.B. Standard Level Chemistry, project based learning was introduced. Essentially, all of the lessons are on hyper-docs on the google classroom, therefore there are no actual lessons done in front of the class by teachers. Within the hyper-docs are links to videos and articles explaining the content, as well as reflections and questions to respond to. All of the lessons are based on whatever the current project is. Right now, it is to build an electrochemical battery.

Why is it an issue? Project based learning is strongly disliked by majority of the students because of lack of clarity and unfamiliarity. The "lessons" are unhelpful as they are not interactive and the given sources do not explain concepts well. As well, all of the students are not yet comfortable with this level of self teaching. Although the course was expected to be difficult, time consuming, and, to some extent, self taught, there are unreasonable expectations of the students. Many students are very confused about or don't understand the content of the course. When students ask questions in class, they are often given incredibly vague answers.


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